TyFontaine’s Newest Offering is Nothing Short of Delectable


Nothing excites me more than a new TyFontaine record. When it comes to TyFontaine, it’s no secret that the young star just gets it. Hot off Internet Money‘s highly acclaimed debut album, B4 The StormTyFontaine‘s latest offering, “Delectable,” will have you understanding why he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

After teaming up with his Internet Money brothers, Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and OkTanner, the crew constructs a beautifully organized piece of art that lifts you off your feet and paints a beautiful image of what we can expect from Ty in the near future.

Over the past few weeks, Ty has been teasing his upcoming album, We Ain’t The Same, featuring tracks like “Cuff Jeans” that dropped earlier this month and his recent cut, “Delectable.” With his signature “baby voice” and dynamic flow, Ty has proven his ability to pave his own lane, setting himself far apart from the rest of the rap game.

TyFontaine is one of those kids that I find myself listening to daily. When it comes to his highly anticipated album, We Ain’t The Same, I can’t say much, but I can say this… interview coming soon! Check it out below.

We Ain’t The Same 10.16.20.


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