TyFontaine’s Versatility Shines Through on his New Well-Manicured Album, “Beautiful Michi Girls”


There are very few artists, whether underground or mainstream, who are able to match both the raw talent and unbridled versatility that TyFontaine are equipped with. Music to him comes effortlessly and he has even said that to him recording feels as easy as talking does to you or me. This would usually seem, at least in the case of many artists who know how talented they are, that it would work counter-productively, leading him to slack off because he felt like the recipe for success was simply showing up. It is obvious that his recording process is painstaking, from his tedious beat-selection to his precisely-punched layers, and well-manicured post-production. The whole project flows so well together while still truly being an assortment of sounds and styles, demonstrating his versatility through the breadth of instrumentals he is able to take on. So far we have gotten an intimate live performance from Fontaine from the project which was a setting I enjoyed hearing him in and hope that we get even more visuals which bring this compelling and meticulous project to life.  


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