Ugly God Brings Lights, Camera, Booty Tour to Denver [Gallery]



Indiana’s own Asylum signed viral upstart Ugly God has recently been trotting the country on the appropriately named Lights, Camera, Booty Tour and made sure routing served the increasingly vital touring destination of Denver. With the likes of Nessly and Tony Neeks filling out the bill at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Ugly God took on the task of elevating the tightly packed crowd into a frenzy by fluidly moving through his limited yet stout catalog of internet buzz tracks. By avoiding the pitfalls of back tracks and other gimmicks on provocative hits like “Bitch!” and “I Beat My Meat,” the at on time engineering student found ways to build energy with ease and execute proper rap through the entirety of the run time. After inviting a large portion of the female attendees on stage to dance to “I Got Bitches,” the audience set off one last time to “Water” as random liquids sailed over the crowd from all directions. Thanks Ugly God.

Photos by Milo Lee


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