Underground Star Kankan Might Just be your Favorite Rappers, Favorite Rapper


The rising Dallas star KanKan continues to show us why he’s the next underground creative to break through into the mainstream spotlight. Known for his contrasting sonic presence infused with vocal inflections, Kan is one of the big contributors responsible for revamping raps underground scene. When listening to artist’s like Kan, Summrs, Autumn!, Baby Santana, and others, I feel a similar aura that many rap fans haven’t gotten or felt since the 2014-2017 “SoundCloud” era.

This is beyond evident in KanKan‘s latest visual for “Murda Talk.” Straying away from his typical “PluggNB” style production and delivers a banger on the “Youngboy” influenced instrumental. While the production altered, Kan still retains his infamous Anti-Establishment persona, holding a sense of confidence and “I don’t give a F**K attitude” so many of his die-hard fans gravitate towards. The eye-grabbing movie as a whole wouldn’t be complete without the in-your-face punchlines by Kan and full creative direction from upcoming film director Sienna Burmess. Without a doubt making this a necessary track for your current rotation!


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