Undiscovered Gems: 5 New Artists That Should Be On Your Radar


This is now our third edition of “Undiscovered Gems”, with two previous posts about artists and producers who deserve to be spotlighted. This week, we’re going to be taking another look at some more artists that you should be paying attention to. From finding their unique sound and perfecting their recording process, to making the right connections and pushing their music through creative marketing, these artists are on the verge of popularization. We just happen to have a leg up in knowing who they are.


One of my favorite DMV artists goes by the name of Foggieraw. He originally hails from Ghana, but the DMV is the area of America that he calls home. This artist has caught my eye for a while, and his consistency is one of his top qualities. He’s an artist whose music can’t get old to me. He’s currently on tour with Souly Had, and has managed to heighten his following drastically as of late. His latest drop is “I Gotta Ball”, a single that will keep u hooked for all 1 minute and 24 seconds of it. I expect big things from Foggieraw in this upcoming year following his time touring. Check his latest single out below!

Fre$co van Gogh

Another up-and-comer who’s caught my attention recently is Brooklyn’s Fre$co van Gogh. His most recent drop is his album “You’re Welcome”, an 11-track collection of heaters. This is yet another artist whose consistency is one of his best qualities. I would love to tell you what my favorite track off of the project is, but Fre$co makes the decision too tough. You should definitely take a listen to this whole body of work, it’s well worth it. He is easily one of my favorite New York artists at the moment. Show some love to one of BK’s best and check out Fre$co van Gogh‘s latest work below.

Rockstar Payso

Another Brooklyn-based artist who’s been making a name for himself is Rockstar Payso. You might have heard some of his work with Grammy-nominated producers Daytrip and Roy Lenzo, or their No-Idle affiliate Jahnei Clarke. If you haven’t, now is the time. Payso just dropped a crazy visual for his track “1st” with Daytrip, shot and edited by one of my favorite visual artists Modern Day Auteur. Following a couple of productive trips to Europe, Rockstar Payso picked the perfect time to drop this fire video. In just a day, the video has surpassed 20k views on YouTube. This NYC star has a bright future ahead of him, so stay tuned!


One of AWGE‘s best up-and-comers is Harlem native Thoto. 2019 has been a busy year for the soon-to-be superstar, following his time on tour with A$AP Rocky and the internationally infamous story of the incident in Sweden (which clearly wasn’t their fault). His latest drop was a banger called “Villain”, which the AWGE-affiliate paired with perfect visuals. He’s been active lately, pushing his brand to an international audience with one of fashion and music’s favorite artists. If you pay attention to the “RAF” and “Praise The Lord” videos, you’ll notice Thoto making an appearance. Thoto has been teasing his collab project with IcyTwat, so definitely keep an eye out for that. If you aren’t already hip to this future star, get familiar. Take a look at Thoto‘s hypnotic visuals for his single “Villain” below.


Virginia native Kwad has been making waves lately. He just dropped a 15-track project titled “Born From Pain”, and it is definitely one of my favorite projects of the month. The body of work features XanMan, Bizzy Banks and Rude Jerm, while all the other remaining tracks are solo tracks. I’ve started listening to Kwad recently, and this last project was a great introduction. Looking further back in his catalogue of tracks, I noticed his collab single with Yung Bans, “Deathstar”. I’m hyped to hear more fire from this VA young-gun and to see the corresponding visuals for “Born From Pain”. Keep an eye out for Kwad in the coming months and thank me later. Hear the latest from Kwad below!


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