Listen to DENNIS!’s New EP, “Breaking The Fall”


The South has seemed to retake its position as hip-hop’s leader over the past few years with artists from Atlanta, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, South and North Carolina leading the way. It seems like every month we get a new artist from the South that seems to break through the underground, including artists such as Lil Baby, Rod Wave, DaBaby, Rylo, NoCap, the list goes on. Enter Dallas, Texas rapper DENNIS!.

He’s hard as fuck, and honestly a breathe of fresh air when it comes to the commonality in rap these days. Recently, the Texas rapper dropped off his debut EP, Breaking the Fall, and it’s a must-fucking-listen. The new EP is five tracks in total, and features Wasteey Monroe and production by Zae, Peace and DENNIS! himself. Stream Breaking the Fall below, and stay tuned for more from the Texas rapper.



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