Undiscovered Gems: Be On The Lookout For These Rising Artists


    This is now our fifth segment of Undiscovered Gems, the third one honing in on artists. The task of finding potentially explosive artists that are unknown to the common ear is proving to be remarkably easy- there’s so much talent to choose from, which gives me the sense that this column is going to have a long lifespan.

    Whether through streaming platforms or social media, talented artists all over the world are beckoning to be noticed through their music-making and marketing tactics. We strive to keep you as updated on attention-worthy acts as possible, making this daunting process of finding talent seem simple. If you make a habit of staying in tune with this column, you’ll find yourself becoming very knowledgable of the modern musical landscape. So with that being said, let’s get started.


    Based out of the UK is a remarkable artist who’s been recently struck by tragedy and misfortune. He goes by the name of CEONRPG, and started to make waves before unfortunately being charged with the accidental death of his girlfriend. There’s really no point in going further into the topic, just know that you’ll be hearing more music from this talent when his sentence is up in 7 years. So for now, let’s celebrate the quality of this Brit’s musical catalog. Through collaborations with artists like Skepta, Jaxxon D. Silva, Milkavelli, 909memphis, and CashBently, CeonRPG created a very solid foundation of hits for his career. Here at Daily Chiefers, we were lucky enough to collaborate with the gifted artist on an exclusive with CashBently. The track is called “Bussin”, and you’ll find it linked below along with another banger from the UK artist, featuring Skepta. Let’s hope for the best for CEONRPG in his current legal situation, and stay prepared for a potential new phase of his career, post-release. Go stream CEONRPG below, and find your favorite song of his.

    Billionaire Burke

    Hailing from East Harlem, Billionaire Burke has been campaigning for mass awareness of his musical ability. Last year, the New Yorker collaborated with Atlanta great, Gunna, on a track called “My Slime”, and has culminated almost 4 million streams on Spotify alone since. With numbers appropriately going up, he’s got me (and loads of other fans) ready for more heat.

    He recently dropped another fire single, titled “WHG5PTY” (pronounced “Whoopty”, subtly making a play on spelling to mention a particular model of private planes). Just like the previous work of Billionaire Burke, it’s clearly a banger. The track hints at inspiration from Pop Smoke‘s style, while maintaining an original sound that kept me interested. Take a deeper look into one of Harlem’s many talented up-and-comers, and stream “WHG5PTY” by Billionaire Burke below!

    Note Marcato

    If you’re a big fan of Swizz Beats, you might’ve seen his shoutout for his son on social media, where he alludes to the private nature of his son’s moves and the hard work he’s been putting in. If not, here’s your first (and not last) introduction to the Miami-based talent with New York Hip-Hop in his blood, Note Marcato. So far, he’s dropped one track called “Tommy Oliver” with fellow up-and-comer Hotboi Primo, and he’s set the bar high for what’s sure to be a successful career. After establishing himself through modeling and production, and with his only released track, his ability has already ensured me that he won’t be known as “Swizz Beatz’s son” in his promising future musical career. I stumbled upon Note Marcato‘s first track on SoundCloud and was shocked at the disparity between the quality of the song and the numbers it did. Some might falsely interpret this as a bad sign, but with talent like Note Marcato‘s, it’s merely a matter of time before his mass popularization. Peep the first hint at greatness that Note Marcato has given us below.


    Originally hailing from Brooklyn, NY, it’s safe to say Orlando resident Ratxhet has Hip-Hop roots. He’s been hinting at his bright future for a while and since dropping a SoundCloud hit with D Savage last year, he’s had my attention. The catchy tune produced by RTOnTheTrack has bounce and catchiness, and it’s helped Ratxhet to secure a solid footing in the rap scene.

    In the time since, Wifisfuneral joined the Orlando rapper on a heater produced by CG called “Woke Up.” I thought Ratxhet outdid his previous performance on his track with D Savage with this vibey banger. It’s clear that Ratxhet is being as deliberate as possible in strategically picking the best major features to match his style, and he’s doing a great job.

    Most recently, the Orlando act dropped a visual for his single, “40 In My Pants”, and he does a great job complementing the track with the right visuals. In proper trap fashion, Ratxhet flexes a Maserati and a large fan of cash for his latest visual. With 17k followers on Instagram and 1k subscribers on YouTube, Ratxhet has set a great foundation for himself. This song represents a simpler style than the rest of his tracks, however, the quality of his voice keeps me engaged no matter what type of style he chooses to rock. Check out the latest from Ratxhet below.

    Ty James

    Out of Indiana is Hip-Hop/Pop artist Ty James. I mention Pop because of the young star’s remarkable melodic ability. Currently sitting atop 19k followers on Instagram, Ty James boasts follows from influential characters such as Lil Bibby and Gary Vee. In addition to this already-impressive following, the Indiana native accumulated 11.5 million streams on Spotify for the debut year of his career. Two of my favorite tracks of his are “No Option” (produced by KBeaZy and DJ Stacks) and “Splash” (produced by unheard). I think each of these hits properly demonstrates his Hip-Hop and Pop abilities, respectively. Ty James is clearly working with the right people and has made quite a statement in just the first year of his career. Signing with Loyalty Records has been crucial to this young gun’s success; being able to work with super-producer KBeaZy (who was featured in our last Gems piece on producers) has clearly enabled him to thrive in his musical element. Check out my favorite track and its corresponding visuals from Ty James below, and go find out for yourself what your favorite Ty James track is.

    Prettiboi LF

    One of my favorite up-and-comers is a multi-faceted talent who goes by the name of Prettiboi LF. I’m lucky enough to be hip to this aficionado and his musical ability, and after hearing his work, I’m sure you’re gonna feel lucky yourself to be on him early. His Bronx roots are evident in his music, however, he doesn’t sound like your typical New York rapper. His unique approach to music-making has made it simple to separate himself from the rest of the pack, and his impressive resumè of engineering and production clients speaks for itself. With prior experience as a producer and a mixing engineer at Penthouse, one of New York City’s premiere studios, the future star landed production credits on A Boogie‘s Platinum-selling album, “Hoodie Szn” due to his beat for “I Did It”.

    However, the reason that Prettiboi has made it onto today’s Undiscovered Gems piece is not based on his production work, but rather his recording ability. This is a challenge that many producers attempt and fail, yet Prettiboi LF once again reminds us that he is different than the rest by spazzing on his full catalog that’s dropped so far. After being witness to Prettiboi‘s creative process and prowess in person, I can safely say that he’s only leveling up from here. His existing development and resumè are already impressive, but this is merely just the start for one of my favorite acts out of the Bronx. He represents a minute niche of artists who are capable of creating an entire track from nothing, starting with the production of his beats and ending with mixing and mastering the beats and his vocals. Come take a look at Prettiboi LF‘s work below, and show some support!



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