Undiscovered Gems: Even More Producers To Notice


    And we’re back! This is now our 4th week of Undiscovered Gems, and our second week focusing on some of the music scene’s most talented upcoming producers. We’ve covered some pretty impressive artists already, and now it’s time for some more. Come take a look into the inner-workings of the industry, and tune in to these noteworthy names.

    For our second piece of the producers’ edition of Undiscovered Gems, you’ll be familiarizing yourself with some noteworthy names. This collection of music-makers represents the pinnacle of the industry’s next generation of production stars. Let’s get started.

    Maddox Grayson

    We start this week’s edition with Maddox Grayson, a 15-year old producer that has a bright future. This producer gained worthy attention after his hit track “Alaska” with YBN Cordae, featured on YBN: The Mixtape. From the Migos to Travis Scott and Kanye WestDean‘s collection of hits is legendary. One can safely assume the torch will be passed down soon, and we’ll have the luxury of hearing more from this 15-year old beast. After all, he’s currently signed to Sony ATV and has gone Gold in this relatively short time since he’s stepped into the big leagues.


    Another big producer I’ve taken notice of is KBeaZy. This young star has made his mark early, producing for some major names such as Juice WRLDKillyG Herbo, 9lokknine, and his fellow Loyalty Records signee TyJames. The list goes on, but I won’t waste time just listing names. There’s something to be said for this kid’s consistency and momentum, I’m ready to watch as he adds even more fuel to the fire, and advances onward from this platform that he’s worked so hard to get himself on. One of my favorite things about KBeaZy is how unassuming his look is; you probably wouldn’t guess that he’s a superstar producer in the making if you just saw him on the street, but I guess that’s why we have the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Check out a small sample of the moves KBeaZy has made as of late, and listen to the heater that Smokepurpp and Denzel Curry just spazzed on. KBeaZy made it with Quad Beats, OJ, and Mike Hector.

    Mike Hector

    Now that we’ve mentioned Mike Hector, I might as well give you a deeper insight into his already-impressive catalog of work. Have you ever heard of “GOD.” by Kendrick Lamar? Yep, Mike Hector had his hand in that. IDK, Denzel Curry and Cousin Stizz are some other acts that have had the luxury of rapping on Mike‘s beats. At this point, this talented producer is deeply seeded in the industry, he’s bound to make even more major noise soon. This Boston native has already made quite a statement with his work, but he’s made it clear that this is just the beginning. Stay tuned into Mike Hector, and check out one of my favorite tracks that he was involved in below.

    DJ Yung Vamp

    One of my favorite producers is a stylish European maverick who goes by the name of DJ Yung Vamp. This production-powerhouse has stamped his name on a couple of major tracks with Steven Cannon and Soulja Boy (while Soulja was trending last year). Outside of his work that’s broken into the industry scene, Vamp has made a name for himself through SoundCloud. He brilliantly mastered the art of branding on the independent platform, before a similar strategy gradually grew more and more popular amongst the millions of producers on the platform. His familiarity and connection to American culture are very interesting to me; I found myself constantly marveling at the artistry and vision that go hand-in-hand with his remote interpretation of American (and mainly Houston) culture. Most recently, the European super-producer was responsible for 3 tracks on Scarlxrd‘s album, “DISSOLUTIXN.”, “GEMINI ANTHEM.” and “VACATIXN.” If you aren’t already familiar with this absolute beast of a producer, get familiar. Here’s the beat he made for $teven Cannon with CA producer DILIP.

    Roy Lenzo

    If you consider yourself in-tune with the music scene, you must be familiar with No Idle and the studio’s producers (even if you don’t know it yet). The Take A Daytrip led studio in SoHo NYC partnered with Universal Music Publishing Group, and has made some notable moves throughout this past year, including being the production behind “Mo Bamba” with Sheck Wes, “Broke As Fuck” with YBN Cordae, and even a couple tracks with Lil Nas X.

    Roy Lenzo is one of the talents that Daytrip took under their wing, which enabled him to go to an even higher level. Roy Lenzo went platinum this year for his production involvement in “Rodeo” with Lil Nas X and Cardi B. In addition to this massive feat, Roy has an impressive catalog that features IDKQ Da FoolWifisfuneralRockstar Payso and more. I’ve been lucky enough to witness Roy‘s rise to greatness over the past couple of years and its time for more people to take notice. Check out one of my favorites from the Long Island native below.


    One thing I’ve learned about producers is that they’re everywhere across the globe. One of my favorite producers goes by the name of Sauron and resides in Australia. I stumbled upon this beast a couple of years ago on YouTube. As I searched “Wifisfuneral Type Beat”, I found that the first several options were produced by the same person: Sauron. His work on YouTube has culminated a massive amount of views, and he’s garnered over 35k subscribers in the process. This young talent does far more than just “type beats”, Sauron has produced bangers for Joey Trap and $not along with some other notable up-and-comers. Hear the production talent on display for yourself, and listen to a Sauron-produced heater below.


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