Poundside Pop Makes His Daily Chiefers Debut With “Off Top” Visual


Throughout 2019, Poundside Pop has been starting a tsunami out of Philly while demonstrating his well-deserved recognition on social media. This Philly young gun has not only worked in the studio with Meek Mill, but also made an appearance on Meek‘s tour with Future. Today, Poundside Pop makes his first appearance on the Chiefers pages with his video for “Off Top.”

2019 has been a year of numbers for Philadelphia’s Poundside Pop. The up-and-comer now sits atop 12k subscribers on YouTube, 40k followers on Instagram, and 2500 followers on Twitter. This platform he’s created for himself is perfect for the next phase of his career, as he’s culminating a much larger fanbase outside the confines of Philly. 2020 will be the year that Poundside Pop explodes on the digital scene. This latest bit of content from Poundside is another perfect expression of his brand and is making a phenomenal impression with his ever-growing fanbase. This gritty track from the Philly young-gun is one of my favorites, and the visuals are a perfect fit. With 700 likes and 4 dislikes currently on YouTube, it seems like his fans agree. This NOC-produced heater and its corresponding visuals are bound to draw a whole lot of attention in the near term. Pay attention to Poundside Pop and the rest of the upcoming Philly scene while it’s early, you’ll thank me later. Take a look at the impressive visuals for “Off Top” below, and while you’re at it, peep his previous video for his track “Drippin’ Again” (now at almost 400k views since its drop in July).


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