Undiscovered Gems: Get Hip to Rising Star, Joony


Every now and then you come across and artist that you KNOW is destined for greatness. And trust me, with Joony, there are no if’s in this situation. This kid has everything.

Obviously, if you follow us religiously, we’ve posted Joony a few times in the past but after further examination, I had to include him in our latest edition of Undiscovered Gems. With a unique set of skills, Joony is able to make hard-hitting, trap-inspired records, along with the uncanny ability to make amazing melodic records as well (e.g. his “Changes” record), allowing him to lead the race as one of the best in the Maryland area.

No word on when Joony plans on dropping a full-length project in the future, but we’ll keep you posted when more information becomes available. Until then, check out my two favorites from the G down below. You’ll thank me later.

The “No Hook” record fucking slaps!


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