Undiscovered Gems: Get Hip to Emerging Star, Mike Dimes


If you haven’t noticed I been back on my research shit and although I think I’m late, Mike Dimes is certainly an artist I want to put on your radar. Born in a small town in Texas, Mike Dimes oozes a Southern flair but with a unique approach to it that sort of reminds me of the 2011-2015 mixtape area which in my opinion is the golden era.

With his songs “Wiss,” “No Trends” and “My Story” going crazy on streaming platforms, Mike Dimes is a star in the making, and if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to miss the break. No cap.

Following his recent album, DLOG, it looks like Mike has been focusing on releasing singles and videos as he continues to build a loyal fan base. Mike Dimes is definitely the one. Stop sleeping and check out two of my favorites from his recent releases. Tap in.

His most recent video for “Wiss” has already amassed over two million streams on Spotify.


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