Undiscovered Gems: Kieran Ivy Sings His Heart Out in “Call Me Your Ex”


UK born artist Kieran Ivy sings his heart out in this single, “Call Me Your Ex.” I’m gonna be honest, I don’t usually like the softer alternative stuff but this song is so good. After my first listen I just kept it on repeat and now we’re here writing about it. I find that alternative artists just try too hard to force it with their vocals but Kieran has found his sound and is perfecting it. This simple guitar riff is all that he needs and his voice does the rest. Taking his emotions and pouring them into lyrics so many people can relate to what he’s saying and when you listen to it you want to match him by screaming each word. Kieran Ivy caught me off guard in the best way possible. With spring/summer approaching this is the perfect song to throw on for the warm weather.  


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