Undiscovered Gems: T$AN Proves Why He’s Up Next on “Bird’s Eye View”


T$AN has been consistently dropping all 2020, building a solid fanbase and momentum for the following year. Returning with his first release of 2021, “Bird’s Eye View” is a hypnotic psychedelic trap banger. Taking influence from his contemporaries T$AN bounces new ideas on this genre and clearly defines his artistry on this track. On the record, he refrains, “Elevating is all I do” and this perspective is pushed by his vast knowledge of style and modern culture. As for his haters, they are just getting up on drip months later. I love the confident energy on the track with the melodic autotune vocals, giving it an endearing duality. 

Looking at the music video, T$AN outdid himself. You can see him in an intricately thought-out room full of mirrors. The set design is crazy and gives the music video a very high-level quality that is often lost in most recent music videos. The editing techniques used add to the psychedelic nature of the track. Check out this trippy track below! 


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