Unsung Heroes: A Conversation With 100BandXan


It is my civic duty as a coherent adult with pristine musical taste, to put other people on to waves that they weren’t previously aware of. In most cases the world sees what the rapper or artist does and often overlooks how much effort goes into a song as a whole. This time around I wanted to highlight the wondrous talents of Ohio producer, 100Bandxan. You may know him from producing for artists like Lucki, Key!, 55 Bagz and Freshie, but this sorcerer of sounds shed some light on how he got to this point and what’s up next for the kid.

FatboyBrick: Where are you from?
100BandXan: Cleveland, Ohio is my home town.

FB: At what age were you first immersed in music?
100BX: at 13 I started rapping because I wanted to be the Puerto Rican Lil Wayne because the Drought 3 came out & changed my life.

FB: When do you pick up really producing?
100BX: Right after I started rapping at 13 and got tired of freestyling on YouTube and Lil Wayne beats. I wanted to make my own beats cause I didn’t want to pay for original beats. I stopped rapping shortly after.

FB: How did you link up with Lucki?
100BX: Funny question. I had been a fan since I heard the first FreeWave tape & I got an opportunity to reach out to him to produce a track for him on a mixtape I was making. He didn’t know I was a producer so he thought I was reaching out for a rap feature so he never rapped on the beats I sent until I got a hold of him in LA end of 2017. We were supposed to get in studio but he was leaving town immediately after his show so he sent me vocals to an older song he did & I built the beat around the acapella. That’s how “Fool’s Gold” was birthed & it was my first song ever to reach a million plays on SoundCloud.

FB: Who in Ohio has the best chance to make a solid career in music?
100BX: this is a good question because there’s so many artists who are so talented and deserve the recognition to shine. Obviously people like Doe Boy & MGK are on but right now I really believe in 55bagz, Freshie, Lo Life Lane, Foreign Jay, and Slim Slater to name a few. Cleveland and Ohio in general has so much talent I’d be name dropping forever if I told you every one I think has a real shot.

FB: If you were a rapper, what would have in your rider?
100BX: I would have waters everywhere. Core specifically. Russian cream & Honey Backwoods in a boatload. Popeyes chicken sandwiches and them spicy nuggets from Wendy’s in mass production are the most essential things I need to have a great show.

FB: Are you open to collabs with producers, or do you hate to send labs?
100BX: I’m open to collabs. I just prefer if they’re in person at the studio. I usually hate sending loops and sounds or working around others I’d rather build in the studio.

FB: Who’s your favorite artist to work with?
100BX: Slim Slater because we have the most chemistry together and have worked the most in the same studio together. Before and after being on the same independent label together. His raps and my sound go hand in hand like tacos and Tuesdays. It just meshes.

FB: What’s your favorite moment in your music career thus far?
100BX: Many but probably when I was in LA, Southside came into the studio to buy beats from my dude SGD Vedoe and he already knew who I was when I was cooking up. He said I was dope and to keep going. He also freestyle’d really temporarily to the beat I was making.

FB: What’s next?
100BX: what’s next is staying down & perfecting my craft even further & applying the lessons I learned from mistakes I made throughout my life and career. I want to be the best producer in music & to do that I have to be as tunnel-visioned as I can be on my own success and not lose my sanity in the process. It’s not a race it’s a marathon like Nipsey said. I try not to get frustrated due to the fact I feel I should be “on”  or further than I am because everything is perfect timing. Yellow Short Bus the album 2020 the game is going to have a scary wake-up call & y’all will know I’m a true force in music & I’m here to stay for a long time.

Peep 100BandXan’s newest releases below and stay tuned for more fire content from the Chiefers squad, see you soon. Thanks for reading.


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