Van Buren Records Connects With AzizTheShake for “Black Wall Street” EP


Brockton’s Van Buren Records connects with the one and only AzizTheShake for this EP Black Wall Street. Over the past few months, the run that the Van Buren boys had been a part of is something else. Coming from Brockton they emphasize their roots and you can hear that word for word in each song.

Putting on for their city, they are doing exactly what has needed to be done for so long. For this EP we get a collection of five tracks and let’s be honest, they’re all hits. Bursting into the music scene with a group is not the same as it used to be, but that doesn’t stop them for switching up the formula.

The confidence, the diversity, the different stories and sounds all come together to create something that has been missing from the industry. From “Jumpstreet” to “Fingerprints”, it’s a full-spectrum experience. While they all did their thing we can’t overlook the production from AzizTheShake. VB has such a distinct sound and it’s tough to capture it, but AzizTheShake gave them everything they needed and more. All I can really say is Van Buren Records can’t miss. 


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