Who The Phuck Is Marley Fox?!


Marley astounded me a few months back after hearing his 2019 cut “Lo Mein”. It was so unique and threw off the balance of what I thought rap could sound like. But now we’re at the apex of the summer and he just dropped off his EP simply entitled The Fox. In just six cuts Marley guides the world through his Southern styling and diverse talents.

Fox is a family man so you hear a sample of his son on this project and it adds a direct line into his real life. The authenticity that brims from the seams are what differentiates Marley from the rest of the pack. He’s pushing boundaries and floating atop any percussive elements he decides to bless. “4000” is cool and pimpish as ever, along with “Errthang & Nuthin'”. “Combo” might be a personal favorite for me because of the infectious energy and grouped chants.

Overall you have to get hip to this man because it’s unique, genre-bending, and pushes past any regional imprint. Marley Fox took his sound from Chattanooga to California and now he’s pushing it to the world. Until the next batch of gas, peep all of this below.


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