Wolfacejoeyy’s “Scars” Soars to Top 50 on SoundCloud New & Hot


Staten Island rapper/producer Wolfacejoeyy is seriously one of the best artists coming up in the game right now, and his latest single “Scars” is just another great example of his trajectory within the music industry. “Scars” even hit the top 50 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot charts.

If we’re talking consistency, Joey is working harder than almost everyone in the underground. Dropping three songs within weeks of each other, Wolfacejoeyy is on a mission to prove to the new fans that he’s certainly up next.

No word on when Joey is planning on dropping a full-length project in the future, but we’ll keep you posted when we find out more information. Until then, stream “Scars” below and stay tuned for more drops. Tap in.


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