Worry Club Continues Their Prolific Run With “Nothin”


I’m a rap guy. I like when you talk about your heartbreak but mask it with pharmaceuticals. But there are few and far between that make me love their sounds outside of my favorite genre. This isn’t to say I don’t listen to other styles of music but, groups like Worry Club change my tune.

“Nothin” is another brilliant effort from the bros and I think the reason they get so much positive feedback is their cohesive energy. Great groups sound like one moving mass of talent and can coordinate their tunes with flawless effort. Chase, Dom, Gabe, and Tucker all seem to have a hand on the steering wheel, but this doesn’t throw them off the path.

WC allows everyone to have a say and shine brightly, instead of basking in the typical egotistical bullshit of music. They’re headed out on tour in the next few weeks, so you can catch the ever-so-stellar show in a variety of towns. To acquire said tickets and inquire about said dates, head to their website.

It is to be noted that this is one of the heavier rock songs this team has put out, simply by the sheer power of the guitar. Though it doesn’t stray too far from the waves we’ve come to know and love from them already. Electricity flows fluidly throughout this one so peep it all below.


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