You Need to Hear T$an30000 and Manny Laurenko’s Collab Project, “Farewell”


T$an30000 has been making noise out of Philadelphia lately, and this past week he joined forces with producer Manny Laurenko on a project that has demanded attention.

Pretty recently, T$an30000 made it onto our pages for the visuals to his track “OKAY”. He’s back on the Chiefers’ site today for his collaboration with producer Manny Laurenko. I went into listening with very high hopes, and if anything, the duo exceeded my expectations. They start off the tape with T$an going crazy on a Manny production titled “Cerberus”, and I think it might be my favorite track off the project. Don’t think that means the rest isn’t quality- the duo went off throughout the whole project. Some of my other favorites include “2 Soon,” “Real Colors” and “Farewell.” Take a listen to T$an30000 as he skates on amazing beats with a trademark Philly energy. Listen below!



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