Yung Ro Enlists Stunna 4 Vegas For The Remix To His Tik Tok Smash “Bulletproof”


Yung Ro‘s “Bulletproof” reminds us why he was hot before he went to prison and why he’s going to dominate now that he’s out. Born and raised in New Orleans, Ro‘s distinctive Nola drawl blends perfectly with the minimalistic, booming production trademarked by Texas street rap. Ro moved to Texas after being forced out of his house because of hurricane Katrina, and as unfortunate as that move was, it bred him for a style that’ll surely win the South back over.

Ro‘s counterpart Stunna 4 Vegas also delivers a noteworthy performance. Despite being released in 2020, I think Ro‘s flow is easily adaptable to the climate of rap two years later. His new track “Fetish” harnesses a lot of what I loved about Ro when he first came out but he seems to have tighter flows, better wordplay, and leans more into his Nola accent. Check out the track below!


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