yvngxchris Releases Entrancing New Video For Highly Anticipated Single, “Blood On The Leaves”


yvngxchris is a 16 year old native out of Chesapeake, Virginia who has been known for his fierce and fiery delivery, along with the presence that his songs have had on TikTok. With 800k+ followers on the platform, his virality and consistency brought in the attention of Columbia Records and even Dr. Dre & Pusha T for management. yvngxchris is deeply inspired and hip to the sounds from his hometown citing Pharrell, Missy Elliot and Pusha T as inspirations. More recently, yvngxchris has been able to draw creativity from newer polarizing acts like Comethazine, XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God. yvngxchris also enjoys Indie Rock outside of Hip-Hop and has been recording tracks off of his phone prior to his claim to fame, utilizing an app called “n-Track Studio”.

I’ve seen yvngxchris‘s name on the SoundCloud charts every day month’s back and had no idea who he was. I saw that the track was titled “Blood On The Leaves”, but I didn’t think it really had any relation to Kayne’s infamous track off of Yeezus. Turns out that yvngxchris had actually sampled Kanye’s “Blood on the Leaves”, turning it into his own upbeat creation. Although the instrumentals were the same, the version that yvngxchris uses features only a portion of the original, stretched into a loop by producers, Ben Baker, Luke Mero, & Luc Cea-Sanson. The presence of the acoustics provided by them is much more apparent on this version, slightly akin to New York drill beats. The vocals by yvngxchris are what drives the momentum of the song as his delivery is fast and impactfully aggressive. 

Now that the sample has been cleared for use on YouTube, yvngxchris has decided to link up with Elan Bia’s No Soap to create a sick video for “Blood on The Leaves” where yvngxchris can be seen passionately rapping in a forest under dark red lightning. The cinematographer, Nicholas Buckwalter went crazy with the visual effects, incorporating different backdrops, quick on screen edits and simplicity with the use of only two people for the entirety of the video. No Soap has done amazing work for other emerging artists like Autumn!, OnlyBino!, Kaash Paige and more while only having 3k subscribers to date. You can now catch yvngxchris on Tour with Lil Tecca and expect more great work form him as he plans to release a project sometime this year. Check out yvngxchris’s No Soap created music video for his hit track, “Blood on The Leaves”, below.



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