Zay Savage Pops Off w/ A New Video for “Welcome to Hollywood”


Zay Savage is worthy of all his soon-coming attention. This up-and-comer just dropped a video for his song, “Welcome to Hollywood”, and it is a heater. “Welcome to Hollywood” is easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard this month. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I think nothing’s better than when an artist complements a track with appropriate visuals. Zay Savage just did this in hard fashion. With drum-attached pistols and AR’s featured throughout 90% of the video, it’s clear Zay is not one to fuck around with. In “Welcome to Hollywood”, the future star spazzes for two minutes straight. If you aren’t already familiar with Zay Savage, now is a great time. Zay barely slowed down throughout the whole track, and he absolutely bodied the beat. I’m blown away by his lyrical and rhythmic ability, the pace he keeps throughout is remarkable. The fact he sets the bar so high for himself and executes properly makes me want to stay tuned for more. Definitely keep an eye out this Chicago-native, he’s one of the cities most talented up-and-comers. Take a look at the latest visuals from Zay Savage below!


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