Buzzing Arizona Artist, Lil QWERTY, Drops Off His Infectious New Single, “Vegan Beef”


As an artist, development is everything. Despite this, due to the nature of social media and quickly circulated news, many artists are being presented to us today as unfinished products. While for some, it works as we get to see them authentically climb the hill, but for others, it doesn’t, as their demise is more than televised. Arizona rapper, Lil QWERTY, falls into the former category, and after a couple years of developing in real time, he sounds as polished as ever on his new single, “Vegan Beef.”

Featuring Melikxyz on the hook and a scathing guest verse from CJ Francis IV, “Vegan Beef,” is a new-aged posse cut that finds QWERTY and company absolutely shredding over the prodbytECh production. Channeling his signature style of robotic raps into a new, more refined sound, QWERTY takes another step towards his destiny with this one, as it sounds refreshing, authentic and completely brand new. Check out the single below and get familiar with Arizona’s best rapper.