Ché Makes Return with Live EP


New York born and raised, nineteen year old Ché is one of the most exciting artists and visionaries I’ve come across in recent years. I first discovered Ché through his debut mixtape Ghost Log Cabin which garnered the attention of many with standout tracks such as Tiramisu and Lemme Try. A rare sighting today, but Ché is truly an album artist, granting nearly two years for Ghost Log Cabin to breathe and resonate with his listeners, while he took some time to grow as an individual and continue to hone in his craft. 

Now after a well deserved break from releasing, Ché is ready to deliver his latest offering in the form of a live recorded EP. Reminiscent of fan favorite MTV Unplugged series, the three track EP contains two reinterpretations of tracks from Ghost Log Cabin and the final track and personal favorite of mine is actually the lead single from Ché’s debut album set to release this year. If this is any indication of what Ché has in store for this year I can’t wait to see what’s coming visually, musically, and with anything else the innovative artist has planned.

“This EP serves as a personal statement to my growth as not just an artist, but a human. I’m shedding the Ghost Log Cabin exterior and emerging as something entirely new.” – Ché

Make sure to check out the live recording below.


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