It’s Nice As Heck Outside


It’s gonna be 71 today so I’m early morning grinding to get my work done. Generally a good mood too for the last few days aside from all of the bullshit our dumbass government brings to the table. But hey, we have made it this far, why let those chuds ruin our time? Below you’ll find three artists pushing limits and making stellar sounds, wake up.

Izzy Strigel & Olmos – Cash Bunny

This is a very colorful and fun record right from the jump. Izzy delivers a brilliant tone from start to finish only illuminating the production even more. Her songwriting is brilliant, and this cut will be in your head all day. Each verse showcases another shade of talent and the range on each of these vocal registers accents the other to bring even more cohesion between the two. One of the best releases of 2024 thus far and we’re not afraid to declare that! This is a real hit, don’t miss out on the madness.

Isaiah Zach – Creed

This is Isaiah‘s first time on our pages but I have a strange feeling it won’t be his last. As the production builds up around Zach the song develops even more shining with its pristine vocal approach. The melodic prowess of Isaiah allows you to be taken elsewhere by his wave. You can hear true emotion in every croon, run, and pitch. Aside from that the songwriting is on a stellar level as well, proving this young man can pen a hit. Instead of being washed away in the streams of modern music, we have been gifted a breath of fresh air. Do yourself a favor and peep the brilliance above.

Michal Michal – Why Would I Complain

Michal is back on our pages yet again with his newest EP entitled Why Would I Complain. In just seven new cuts we are shown shades of brilliant wordplay, melodies galore, and confidence that doesn’t waver in the slightest. Another great part of this opus is the variation of production that Michal chooses to float atop. There’s a style for any of the ears preference and it moves seamlessly from start to finish. We have assistance from 5herriff, Savthegenius, JayD and Cyress, making this effort a true cornucopia of creative bliss. Michal is going to keep running the score up and there’s nothing on this earth that’s going to stop him. Peep the gas and don’t get left behind.


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