NOGSZN: This Time It’s Personal


Alas, here we are with yet another NOGSZN, but there’s something different this time around. This time, it’s personal. Not because of the disagreements that we have with each other during the year, but because you never gave the nog a chance. I feel like those who have never tried Egg Nog think it’s going to taste like eggs in liquid form. That’s the farthest thing from facts, instead, it’s quite delightful. More of a melted Ice Cream consistency, but with flavors of joy and vanilla bean. Other than the immense amount of calories with every sip, this is a top-tier Bev. Say what you will and leave your inhibitions at the door, may the Egg Nog reign champion, evermore.

Star2, Mozzy, Stupid Young, HoodTropy Bino – Up

A west coast bop with nothing but high energy and an abundance of confidence. That’s the short summary, but Star2, Mozzy, Stupid Young and HoodTrophy Bino all link for simply “Up”. These are like the avengers of the underground and soon-to-be mainstream alike. Gotta love how Mozzy is always connected to the real, but Stupid Young snaps per usual. There is not a verse that falls behind the rest in a stellar set of frames. Get hip to this one above.

Murder District, Band Gang Lonnie Bands – Biscuits Freestyle

Murder District and Lonnie link up for a magical Michigan cook-up that will exceed expectations. Artists like Lonnie are few and far between because of the sheer authenticity of his subject matter. Instead of pointless criticisms about the repetition that Lonnie sometimes dwells in when it comes to the bars, he makes up for it with tonality. This one is gas, you gotta peep.

Bucky Malone – Acura

Bucky is back on our pages with his hilariously DIY visuals for “Acura”. You have to applaud this man for his sense of identity and fearlessness when it comes to his creativity. I think a great thing that rising artists can do is work with prominent names in the producer community. And WIFIGAWD is just that, and yet a legend in the realms of music. His wondrously off-kilter production is an infectious set of five hi-hats and a technicolor sample. Bucky lets the mind run free and translates that to wax. Don’t overthink this one and just enjoy.

Dulli – Don’t Leave Me Behind

The DMV is chock-full of talent and Dulli is another shining example of such. His newest effort “Don’t Leave Me Behind” possesses an infectious sample to play with, but the flow he adopts is the star of the show. The rugged vocals and sped-up delivery meld with an abrasive kick drum to drive things home. It’s wild that Dulli hasn’t been on our pages yet because this one made us fans. Do yourself a favor and peep it all above.

Kris Stasse – Bad

Kris Stasse‘s cut “Bad” is an atmospheric cut with pristine brilliance. In a retro-inspired drum pattern and an abrasive touch of distortion to his voice, this entrancing song is just that. You’ll find yourself in a vortex of emotions entranced with how Stasse controls your attention. He doesn’t fret by making music that resides in the modern realm, instead, he’d rather push his own tempo. Kris is bad man, don’t skip this wave.

BBG Steppas, DD Osama – Catch Up

The world of Jersey and NYC music already goes so well together, but “Catch Up” is a whole new level of gas. BBG Steppaa and DD Osama link for this one and it samples “Lose Yourself” by Em. Which is hilarious to think of, but wildly it works. Instead of questioning why this one slaps, we look to the energy provided by both of our protagonists. This one is heat, don’t sleep.

Secily – Battlefield

Secily is a name the world will soon know because of sheer talent. In her humble visuals for “battlefield”, we see this shining songstress bleed her emotion onto the screen. And to be honest, her tone is angelic with plenty of range to move with. You can hear her passion and pain in the same light, but love is just that a blend of both. Secily can sing, pen a great cut and steal the show, and get hip to her talents above.

Ki Storii, Cheek The Profit – Shawty Lo

Ki Storii and Cheek The Profit link up for their vibrant cut, “Shawty Lo” and this one has vivacious waves all over. The pairing of Ki‘s electric tone and infectious bounce atop this percussive effort makes for a stellar moment from start to finish. Cheek makes his second appearance here in recent months, and it’s not by fluke or chance. The dude is just showing up to play. Get hip to this one above.


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