Norman Perry Returns With a Vengeance on His Climatic New Single, “She”


As anybody who speaks with me knows, I’m a huge proponent of the fact that R&B is not on it’s way back, it’s here. Chronicled in an extensive piece, I covered the 7 vocalists that I believe will help redefine the genre. One of those names mentioned was Connecticut artist Norman Perry, who, without a doubt, has one of the most mesmerizing voices in all of music right now. Continuing his streak of showcasing versatility and cultivating a loyal fanbase, Norman releases his introspective new single, “She.”

Co-produced by, Joe Hodges and Perry himself, “She,” is another murky, anxiety-filled record from Norman that will have you earnestly breaking down your dating history at Noon… or so I’ve heard. Utilizing his impressive vocal range — almost similar to The Weeknd’s — to compliment the production, “She,” stands as a new high for Norman, as he takes many of the aforementioned qualities from older songs, and meshes them with a polished presence that really does help keep you grounded as the chaos from the record starts to ensue.

The best part of this song, though, can be found in it’s lyrics. Speaking of a woman who’s made the most of her chaotic life, Norman spends the record admiring what her resilience, and promising to help her do more if she’ll allow him too. Combining that notion with the overall anxious vibe of the record brought to you by eerie production, and the record feels like exactly like 3 A.M. in a Las Vegas strip club. You know, the moment when all of the booze and extra substances start to take hold and you come to the conclusion that the woman on the pole is your soulmate… You know? Cool.

Take a listen to, “She” below and stay hip to Norman Perry.


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