Rappers React To Rich Chigga’s “Dat $tick”


Rich Chigga is one of my favorite emerging artists. He’s 16, lives in Jakarta, and makes some of the realest, hardest drill music out right now.

I’ve done a write up on him before, but this one is going to be a little more in depth, considering that this video is kind of blasting off right now. When I clicked the reaction video it had 72,000 view, and when I was done watching it, it had ~80,000 views. Insane. So the premise for this 88Rising video was to have some of the biggest rising names in hip-hop react to Rich Chigga’s latest visual, “Dat $tick.” Among those reacting were Desiigner, Madeintyo, Flatbush Zombies, and 21 Savage.

“Dat $tick” starts with a view of Rich Chigga in a pink dad polo, tucked into cargo shorts, with a Reebok fanny pack synched around his waste. Not your typical way to start out a rap video. Everyone was really into it, except for one artist: 21 Savage. The first thing to come out of his mouth was, “They dead-ass serious?” Perfect way to describe this. I strongly encourage you all to check out the video above, and I’ll include the song for streaming on Soundcloud below.



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