SG ALI Pairs With OMB Peezy For The Soon To Be Street Anthem, “Hidden Pain”


SG ALI is a special artist paving a different route to the top and this time around we get a solid assist from OMB Peezy. “Hidden Pain” is one of those cuts that has the potential to crossover a majority of genres and demographics. The people can relate to the passion ALI provides and lives by. The fruitful guitars essentially guide our protagonists a bit, then they handle the rest. Peezy snapped on his verse per usual, but I think it was SG would set the standard.

With direction from 2TrillPhil, this city backdrop illustrates how you can feel so alone in a world so crowded. Though, the music should soothe your weary head a bit, making the day easier even after just one listen. With a project dropping in November, this should start the murmurs before the music. Really impressed with SG ALI, peep this shit below.


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