sgpwes Goes Absolutely “Lunar” on Surprise EP


sgpwes is one of those names that you know is about to turn you tf up when his name comes up on SoundCloud. The Clayton County native has been on a crazy hot streak these last few months dropping off an astonishing 4 full-length projects this year leading up to his latest surprise EP, Lunar.

With his last project brgr pck racking up a combined total of over half a million streams across all platforms in just 22 days, it’s clear that sgpwes has garnered an insane amount of momentum leading up to now, and for good reason– sgpwes is really him. His latest offering Lunar takes everything he’s built over the last 8 months and leveled it up tenfold. The project almost seems to be an extension of what he unveiled at the beginning of the year with his glo-esque EP Luna stacked with staple features from Underground legends Slump6s and KA$HDAMI. At first listen, it is clear that the two projects definitely flow similarly from beginning to end, starting off with darker, more speaker rattling tracks that then gradually shift towards softer, more melodic plug sounds towards the end.

When it comes to intros, sgpwes couldn’t have kicked it off any better with “money tall”– this track just goes. The geogotbands produced glo track is flooded with deep punchy 808s and critically timed bells that allow wes to soar with a calculated aggression that just snaps. I think it’s certainly safe to agree that his money is way taller than me. I wouldn’t even question it after what I just heard.

Smoothly transitioning from the world’s tallest money tower to the TRGC composed “dying off drugs” sgpwes maintains a steady pace, keeping his foot on the gas with his quick unfazed cadences that he proves can effortlessly switch up on a dime. This track is just an all-around smash– the way it pans out, I almost wish Yeat would have hopped on a feature because it definitely would have been fitting. Maybe he will show some Underground love and hop on the remix. We already know that wes‘s money is tall and Yeat‘s money is tönka so I’m sure they could work something out. When it comes to “Gritz,” sgpwes stays the course, now introducing dark yet celestial adlibs over TRGC‘s staple punchy production that truly ties everything together for this sound.

As the project continues to build, everything starts to switch up towards the end with “nvr enough” and “why?.” What first starts out as a deeply aggressive project quickly flips towards a more melodic and airy essence that truly showcases sgpwes‘s ability to cover a wide range of sounds while still maintaining that same objectively hard essence that keeps you coming back for more. “nvr enough” is such an interesting experience because its almost as if wes equally combines those forceful characteristics he presents in the first half of the EP with the more angelic, harmonious style he ends with on “why?” creating this sort of hybrid piece that leaves you questioning whether it’s appropriate to be turning up or curling up as the track goes on. On the Royal and Chritch produced “why?” the answer is easy– I’m curling up all day.

Overall, it is so blatantly clear that the evolution of sgpwes is happening right before our eyes and it won’t be long before he swiftly transitions from underground to mainstream notoriety. If you’ve been asleep on what this kid has to offer, it’s officially time to wake up. Listen to sgpwes‘s interstellar EP Lunar below.



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