Take a Nostalgic Trip with Lerado on His Latest Video for “Bro Nem”


Our first run in with the hypnotic art of the Twin Cities hailing Lerado came over two years ago with then Glone cosigned “Tints” and later that year making our Next To Blow 2018 list. Back then the ShotgunGIS produced backdrops served as minimalist accompaniments for the young rapper that possessed an unsuspecting and entrancing baritone vocal tone. Now we find Lerado knee deep in an artistic maturation on “Bro Nem” from the Mildly Happy EP, effortlessly dominating austere beats by Lucas Anderson with his polished deep tonality, tasteful lyrical flexing and finding the right end rhymes to match the heavy bass focus.

Completing the second half of the audio visual aesthetic is a high resolution edit that riffs on random horror antics and comedic odes to That ’70s Show smoke sessions (or maybe even the iconic BTKF$T CLUB posse cut “The Fellowship”), and perhaps even an unconscious cinematic nod to the nostalgic cruise around scenes from The Smashing Pumpkin’s tribute to the same decade on the throwback rock hit “1979.” You’ll have to ask director Will Tooke on that one.

Get hip and run up this man’s YouTube subs because he obviously has a keen eye for the video game.


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