LUCKI Brings Intoxicating Honesty To His Listeners With “Days B4 III”


LUCKI is our guilty pleasure that not only speaks to our insecurities with no disdain, but also addresses our strongest addictions. Now he’s back with his second full-length project of the year entitled Days B4 III. The cover is actually an ode to Almighty So, Chief Keef‘s 2013 classic, but people forget that LUCKI was deemed a Glory Boy by Keef at one point.

The production on this project has some maestros who are new to the LUCKI catalog like DJ Eway and Condo. Though it wouldn’t be a Dashboy project without production from Callari, Working On Dying, 16yrold and Brent Rambo. Songs like “Me, Myself & I” and “Geeked” play off of this guy’s famous, intoxicated style. On the other side of the coin cuts like “Left 4 Dead” and “RIP Act” boast some arrogant bass, while LUCKI floats above the aerated synths. He’s trying to piece together songs in a more organized fashion, and most include a true chorus and verse pattern.

Even with his efforts to fine-tune his caravan of talents, I think LUCKI might already be on a quite stellar path. His fan base grows with every release, his team times out videos and marketing damn near perfectly which strengthens the connection that he’s made with fans. Plus, it seems like the world is truly rooting for LUCKI, he speaks to our demons in a quite intimate fashion. So, whether you’re just getting hip or have been following the wave for a while, delve into the darkness that is LUCKI‘s Days B4 III below.


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